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Spank! Continues.

I'm wondering how many spanking puns I can make in a single blog post...ok here we go. Just when you though the spanking was done...the swift hand of comic hilarity is coming back to Canada. Fredricton will be red...in the face...and laugh so hard their butts will fall off and instead of slapping knees they will be slapping their own butts...cause you know we can't actually spank you...cause laws...

Well! I couldn't be more excited about going back to Canada. For those of you who know me, every time Canada is brought up in a conversation, my immediate impulse response is'; "I LOVE CANADA" and followed immediately with; "I wanna live there!" Not unlike whenever Agent Coulson is asked about Tahiti. (Possibly i'm and ex-S.H.E.I.L.D. agent?)  So, i'm happy to see another part of that wonderful gravy guzzling paradise. (I love gravy) Also, happy to not be going in the dead of winter...unlike last time...when it was the dead of winter... So cold in fact that the grate lakes where frozen over for the 1st time in like years. (*Side note* ice fishing seems like a really good excuse to have beers with friends...) Yes though I think that Canada is a good place to visit any time, I think that spring over all is a lovely time to be any where. So when you combine a good time of year with an awesome place, then I guess you can't really lose can you? I think this is what normal people call a vacation. 

Any ways I'm so so happy to be going back up there to do the show, and get some putine while I'm at it. It looks like I didn't make nearly as many spank puns as I originally intended, This is most likely for the best....so heres a few more! Fredricton CA, is gonna get spanked and will be leaving the Playhouse Fredricton 50 shades of great!

Puns are horrible... 



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