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This site is assembled to make it easy for you to get a digital snap shot of me as a performer. The social network links are assembled for you get a snap shot of my personality. The Avengers assembled to make the world a safer place.

Summer Stock

Summer stock has a really crazy way of seeing what you're made of as an artist. It's a stressful crazy time, where you are stuck in some sort of barn or converted aircraft hanger or some basement underneath a restaurant in what seems to be like the middle of nowhere. The work is quick and dirty, weeks feel like months and the whole summer can feel like a year but it teaches you how to make choices quickly and boldly with out fear. And you will form an addiction to caffein.

For me summer stock saved me as a performer. Since i've last done it (3 years ago) school wasn't going well for me and I felt trapped. No one was giving me the chance to work a role in a show and I was questioning myself quite a bit as a performer, so It was good to go from one incubator to another. Some times to grow as an artist all the change you need is context.  After that change of context I was changed as a performer. Summer stock has a way of making you fearless....a skill desperately needed in this craft and skill I was lacking. 

This time around has been different. Since i'm only doing one show this time my scene partner Marc De La Conha (you should know him) and I have to put up this two person comedy, (Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating Mating and Marriage) is seemingly endless. Some times it's nice to be out of the city. Even though being a NY stage actor is the goal, you need to surface your head and take a breath. I

It's good to remember that  theater dose exist out side of the big city....and some damn good theater at that. 

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