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This site is assembled to make it easy for you to get a digital snap shot of me as a performer. The social network links are assembled for you get a snap shot of my personality. The Avengers assembled to make the world a safer place.

Today A Poem

Today in my Collaborative we are asking others some tough questions that are obvious and broad but still not given a lot of though by the everyday person. Including our selves. Questions like: what do you dream about? Whats the biggest joy in your life? What happens after we die? Whats the hardest thing you've ever done? On and on. Today the question was: what dose it mean to be an American?

An American? An American? Maybe it's a down swing of a cracked bell curve. It's young dumb and full of complications. Not only of mind but also body. It wants much and gives a little to much back. It's large and flat in some places and compact and towering in others. The further you get from it the more appealing it becomes. To be reclusive but open. A giver yet a master of the property. Moist but solid in terms of movement. A sheep with a different cut and next year a shave.


Bullet Point Thoughts: SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL (it's a list)

Over the summer, it looked like I was doing nothing, but actually what I've been doing is finding new ways to express my self artistically that's slightly less.....linear in terms of story telling . Joining up with FooJu is quite a challenge largely because I have no idea whats going on. I'm learning to not ask "why" so much until much later. Taking risks in a public space is very exhilarating, and scares me. It makes me wanna run away. It's nice because then i'm left alone to make choices. This is why I had to do this I think. I didn't know it at the time. I need to let myself alone and do.

"The artist only job is to draw the line. It's up to you to tell me what it is.": Is a quote that seems like a cop out because it can be used to trick people into thinking that the creator actually has a secret when in reality they just don't have an answer. It'll be used to make you believe you're below the work.  This isn't that.  I want to know what you see. I want you take the hand and pull. 

This is my answer: I see a group of people drowning in saturation, desperate for resources, and clambering for any kind of community to hold together. I see a life raft that fits 4 holding 12. I see separation and isolation not only from the world but also from each other. I see drive that is singular.

The Show: Shake Rattle and Roll (it's a list) foojudance.com  

The Link:  


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