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This site is assembled to make it easy for you to get a digital snap shot of me as a performer. The social network links are assembled for you get a snap shot of my personality. The Avengers assembled to make the world a safer place.

Bullet Point Thoughts: SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL (it's a list)

Over the summer, it looked like I was doing nothing, but actually what I've been doing is finding new ways to express my self artistically that's slightly less.....linear in terms of story telling . Joining up with FooJu is quite a challenge largely because I have no idea whats going on. I'm learning to not ask "why" so much until much later. Taking risks in a public space is very exhilarating, and scares me. It makes me wanna run away. It's nice because then i'm left alone to make choices. This is why I had to do this I think. I didn't know it at the time. I need to let myself alone and do.

"The artist only job is to draw the line. It's up to you to tell me what it is.": Is a quote that seems like a cop out because it can be used to trick people into thinking that the creator actually has a secret when in reality they just don't have an answer. It'll be used to make you believe you're below the work.  This isn't that.  I want to know what you see. I want you take the hand and pull. 

This is my answer: I see a group of people drowning in saturation, desperate for resources, and clambering for any kind of community to hold together. I see a life raft that fits 4 holding 12. I see separation and isolation not only from the world but also from each other. I see drive that is singular.

The Show: Shake Rattle and Roll (it's a list) foojudance.com  

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