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LOOK MA! I'm on the TV

So when they told me that we where going to do a TV interview for Spank to promote the show in Jacksonville FL, I was excited. Clearly. Then when they told me it was going to be at 8:30am I was like... -__- For me waking up for anything beyond 9am in the morning is a struggle. (Auditions) Especially since last week I was in a different state every day. (One offs are not for the weak) I managed, with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Track, to roll out of bed and find an I.V. that would drip coffee into my veins.


When we got to the studio the energy of the entire building was positive and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. To make things even better there was a little kid fashion show going on while we were there....which was soy soy cute. The woman interviewing us was so sweet and easy to talk to put me in good mood. (not that I was in a bad mood) I wonder if the ABC Morning show is as happy. Any ways Here is a clip of the interview below!


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