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50 Shades of Grey Parody Trailer!

I've said this before and i'll say it as many times as I'm able; I love Canada. Love it, wanna live it, wanna breath it, want my milk to come in bags from now on. I'm on board 110%. So when I got the call to do a parody trailer to promote spank in Toronto, I was more then ready. I didn't get to be apart of the city as much I was last time I was there, but it was none the less awesome to be back in all of Canada's awesomeness. 

Things we got that were awesome.

1. Tim Hortons 

It's just like Dunk'n Doughnuts. The only difference is these are located in Canada there for making them cooler. #cultured 

2. Me and Danielle got Segway lessons. Don't Worry there are photos:

So hot right? #baller 

So hot right? #baller 

Now I know what you're thinking. "Wow how fun and exciting!" What a nice easy thing to just pick up and do for an hour. Right? But i'll have you know...Segways are NO laughing matter. I'll have you know; I was informed by my Segway expert and trainer, that for every 25,000 rides... 3 people sprain a wrist probably... I mean I might as we'll have been riding a dirk bike though a loop of fire. I just make this shit look easy. #flawless So next time you're going on that Segway tour of Napa Valley, think twice about that life insurance policy.

3. Pizza Pizza and Love Prison at the end of the shoot.

If you don't know Love Prison, picture this. Imagine a show about 2 people meeting each other in person for the 1st time. They are stuck with each other for a week with no internet no phone, and one els on the island. (besides the 913480671 camera and crew people) Now picture that and imagine you're watching a cross between Cabin in the Woods, and Shutter Island. This is Love Prison.

So all that happened, and I think that we got a really really nice pice of comedy on our Hands. Check it out share is around if ya nasty and #spankyoukindly 

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